Attending Christian Sabbath Assembly for the First Time

Usually people want to know what to expect before coming through our doors for the first time. The main thing we want you to know is that we consider our congregation “family”.

Depending on the week, we may have just a few or more people in attendance. We dress modestly and ask that everyone do likewise. Some of us wear Tallit and some do not. Some blow shofars and some do not. We routinely begin the service with a prayer and a congregational song. After this, we start the Torah study. The Torah study consists of an adult discussion of the week’s portion (including portions in the prophets and New Testament). During this time, the small children usually go to a classroom with the other children and a teacher.  After the Torah study, the children return to the adults and praise and worship time begins.

The praise and worship time usually consists of mixture of traditional, contemporary, and messianic praise music. Banners are available for those who enjoy worshiping with banners. A message is delivered after the praise and worship period. After the message, the service is dismissed. If we are having a lunch, we will eat across the street in the fellowship hall. All food will be biblically kosher, that is, clean to eat but not necessarily that of the rabbinical kosher standards.

We hope that you feel welcome to fellowship with us this Sabbath. If you have any questions, send an email to david@dyersburgchurch.com.




Updated January   -  2017