Our Core Beliefs

We believe that all truths are the result of diligent examination of the entirety of the Holy Bible – Old Testament and New – All sixty-six books.  “Line upon line-precept upon precept “

We believe in the “indwelling” of God’s Holy Spirit- “leading, guiding, comforting and bringing to our remembrance”- an active, growing and continuing presence of the loving father God and Jesus Christ, his only begotten son.

We believe that God created “All” in six days and rested the seventh.  God blessed the seventh day and set it apart as a holy day for worship and rest.  This twenty-four hour period is each Friday at sundown to each Saturday at sundown.

We believe in the “Royal Law of God” – “The Ten Commandments”- given to “mankind” – to give “order” and guidance to mans’ existence on earth – helping mankind to a lasting, improving relationship with God and neighbor.

We believe in worshipping God actively and openly, respectfully and reverently, dedicatedly and sincerely, “decently and in order”, in truth and in love.

We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ - the only begotten son of God , the Father.  Thru Jesus and his recorded life, we can better know and understand the Father God and his plan for mankind.  By the death and resurrection of Jesus, we can know that God will forgive our sins, accept us as his children and lead us into eternal life with him and “The Family of God”.

We believe in God’s “Days of Festivity”.   We believe these are days of celebration and joy, giving guidance and direction to our past, present and glorious future.

We believe in God’s ultimate purpose in bringing “all” ( Jew and Gentile believers) to be “All in One” with God the Father and Jesus Christ the son.

We believe in the dietary laws of God.  We believe that God gave us “clean” animals to eat and unclean animals that are not to be eaten.

We believe God made “Holy and Unholy”, “acceptable and unacceptable”, “clean and unclean”, good and evil, right and wrong, righteous and unrighteous. God commands and expects obedience.

 We believe God’s original chosen nation is Israel, his city is Jerusalem and his  people are those that put their faith, trust and loyalty in him and his only begotten son  Jesus Christ, “The Savior of the World”.

We believe that “Passover”/ “The Lord’s Supper” is a once a year occasion – at the designated season, time and place.  We believe in Jesus’ resurrection – late on Saturday afternoon before sunset.  We believe and partake in the ceremonies of “Unleavened Bread”, “Fruit of the Vine” and “Foot Washing”.

  We believe in following the words of Jesus to “remember his death” - not - his day of resurrection - or - his day of birth.

We believe in supporting God’s work on this earth by returning to God a portion of his blessings to us – in the form of tithes, offerings and special contributions. These should be given to your place of worship (the place in which he places his name and the place in which you receive your spiritual help and guidance).

We believe that Jesus Christ is our ultimate example.  We believe that we should do much more than ask,  “what would Jesus do?”  We believe we should ask ourselves “what did Jesus do?”, “what did Jesus say?” and what did Jesus never do or say.  Then – go and do likewise – teaching others as they open their hearts to him.                          




We invite all believers to worship with us regardless of agreement with these statements.
Updated January   -  2017