“Launch Out Into the Deep”


Unto Him Shall the Gathering of the People Be –

Yeshua HaMashiach was the most compassionate, knowledgeable and reliable teacher that ever walked this earth. He was a popular preacher and an invaluable and extraordinary teacher. Though at the age of 12 he disputed with doctors (Luke 2:46), yet at the age of 30 he chose to minister to crowds of ordinary citizens who pressed in and around him to listen to what they perceived to be the word of Yahweh.

The power that resonated in him was depicted in his personality, executed in his authority and exploded in his words. During his earthly walk he drew crowds of people to himself. They thronged all around him to listen to his teachings, thus fulfilling the prophecy in Genesis 49:10 – “unto Him shall the gathering of the people be”.

During His earthly journey his eyes saw the best in people and his heart forgave the worst in preparation for his blood to blot out the sin and to give mankind a soul not to lose faith in his redeeming power.

The common people were eager to hear the truth that was spoken by him, who is the “Living Truth”. John 14:6 says “He is the “Way” the “truth” and the “Life”. He is the only “Way” that leads to salvation. He is the perfect “Truth” that liberates and vindicates us from mental slavery and spiritual bondage (John 8:32). In him is “Life” and this life is the light of mankind. It shines in darkness and darkness has not been able to suppress it (John 1:4-5). He is more powerful than our past, despite of its darkness.

If our thoughts, emotions and actions are aligned with the will of Yahweh, it signifies submission to Yeshua’s his authority.

Though the people were drawn to Yeshua, desperately seeking to hear his doctrine, yet in Romans 9:27 it says only a remnant shall be saved despite of the promise made to Abraham, that his seeds shall be as the sand of the seashore (Genesis 22:17).


His Voice Echoed from the Pulpit of a Borrowed Boat –

Yeshua’s assignment on the earth was to seek and to save the lost (Luke 19:10). He utilized every possible means to execute this divine plan as he realized the spiritual hunger of the people who were thrusting all around him.

On this particular day, by the waters of Gennesaret, he saw Peter and his Brother Andrew fishing at some distance (Matthew 4:18). When they returned ashore, after cleaning their nets, he requested the usage of Peter’s boat, from where he taught the eager listeners.

Being omniscient, Yeshua was well aware of the fact that these fishermen had an unproductive toil all night. Because of his caring nature, he was ready to display his providential power and compassion towards his newly found believers. He empathized with them for their failure, fatigue and frustration, yet their kindliness and devotion to him were about to be tested to merit the impending manifestation of supernatural blessing that was about to be outpoured upon their lives.

After such a sleepless tiresome fruitless night, which should have been a classic reason for exempting themselves from attending his sermon, these men faithfully remained there with the crowd to listen to the message from their teacher.

Their love for the word and allegiance to Yeshua surpassed all their natural feelings of exhaustion and tiredness, proving that nothing could have separated them from the love of Yahweh (Romans 8:38). As a result, they were rewarded with a spirit of refreshment which rejuvenated them after that wearisome futile night.

This is a classic example of perseverance and allegiance which should persuade us all to go about the duties of our calling with cheerfulness despite of pressing demands and apparent failures, so we may remain on the Mount with the Lord, from where we can fetch unprecedented blessings unto our worldly employment, thus producing beneficial gains not only to ourselves but to others.

Those who remain constant followers of Yeshua shall have him as their constant guide.


Launch Out Into The deep –

When Yeshua was done preaching, he ordered Peter to launch out into the deep and let down his net in preparation for a draught. Man’s rationale would be “How unreasonable could he have been after knowing these men fished all night and caught nothing?

Already they had washed their nets and sat with him as he performed his duty to the crowd around him. And now, he was sending them back on another fishing trip, even to a deeper part of the waters.” To the ordinary mind this gesture would appear to be inhumane. Yet, though were exhausted, these men complied with Yeshua’s request.

At Yeshua’s order, Peter cried out, “Master we have toiled all the night and have taken nothing” but in obedience he continued by saying “nevertheless at your WORD I will let down the net”.

Peter was not reluctant to go back to work. He was ready to accept the challenge presented to him. Immediately he declared he will obey Yeshua’s command, accept his word and follow his instruction despite of the task ahead of him. It meant coordinating his men and equipment all over again to set sail but this time to deeper waters, not only for his gain but for that of his crew.

Some callings are much more toilsome and exhaustive than others. They could promote discouraging self-defeating thoughts as “I can’t” “I don’t know how” and “it won’t work”, but in the mind of this fisherman, it was “I will do it”.

As Peter, our duties are to follow the instructions given to us through the “WORD”. We are obligated to do so if we are in a covenant relationship with God and desirous to be obedient to the His will, for obedience is the greatest asset that will reward us His favor.

We must realize that Yahweh is working all things together for our good, because he has a master plan for our lives (Romans 8:28). One moment there may be things we don’t understand, because it appears that all the pieces may not be there. But with our obedience to his “WORD”, we will see everything come together, as the matching pieces are placed in order. This manifestation depicts the unveiling of Yahweh’s amazing plan.


From Unproductive Efforts to Blessings from Obedience –

In the depth of the very water where these men were fishing the previous night, swam a shoal of fish in the comfort zone of their natural habitat. They averted the catch of these diligent fishermen who were apparently fishing in shallower waters.

This precious catch was found in the deep and to access such the men had to have gone out into unfathomable waters.

The draught of fish they caught was beyond their wildest dreams that they observed it as a miracle. Yeshua intended to show his dominion in the sea as well as on the land, over its wealth and over its waves. He showed that he is the Son of man, under whose feet all things were put.

Here he proved that the fish of the sea and everything that passes through the paths of the sea are under his authority (Psalm 8:8). Simultaneously, He repaid Peter for the loan of his boat that was used as a podium from where he ministered to a famished crowd. This proves that “none shall shut a door or kindle a fire in the Lord’s house for nothing” (Malachi 1:10).

Yeshua recompenses for services done to his name are not only abundant, they are super-abundant, for he is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we may ask or think according to the power that works in us (Ephesians 3:20).

Such a catch is not easily accessible. The toil is laborious, challenging and painstaking. One must possess an attitude of obedience, perseverance, patience, tolerance, and diligence during the effort.

It is to be expected that services to the Kingdom become challenging but we must not be dissuaded despite of the appearance of failure. As Yeshua’s ambassadors, we must learn to endure hardships and still be instrumental in bringing many to Christ. We should be diligent in letting down our gospel nets for the draught, for Yahweh gives the increase.

Yeshua said he will provide, but we have to make the effort to get to the place of provision and to get the provision. He never promised that life would be easy, but he said he will be with us all the way to the very end (Matthew 28:20).


We Must Do Our Duty Then Leave the Event to God –

We have to learn to:

1.                  Trust his timing

2.                  Relax in his presence

3.                  Rely on his promises

4.                  Believe in his miracles

5.                  Then rejoice in his goodness

When he says to launch out into the deep, we must be ready to comply with his order, to face challenges and be prepared to come out of our comfort zone. Only then we will experience Yahweh’s unprecedented favor surrounding us as a shield (Psalm 5:12) and experience the joy of his salvation as we tap in to hidden riches of secret places and be partakers of his treasures of darkness. As his treasured possession, he will teach us how to profit and lead us by the way that we should go (Isaiah 48:17). He promised to pour out water upon the thirsty, to send floods upon the dry land, to pour his spirit upon our seeds and to send blessings upon our offspring (Isaiah 44:3).

Time spent with Yahweh, doing his will, is never in vain. Peter was bountifully rewarded for allowing Yeshua to use his boat, but he had to venture out into the deep to receive this endowment. Many times our comfort zones become our arc of safety despite its state of insecurity and un-productivity. As a result, we limit our boundaries and restrict our gains.


Change Your Thought Process – 

We have to be adventurous enough to launch out into the deep. But this could only be accomplished if we rid ourselves of certain self-defeating thought processes in exchange for other positive applications. The following practices would be beneficial if constantly applied.

1.                  Ditch the “I can’t”

2.                  Dump the “Why me”

3.                  Drop the “If only”

4.                  Determine “I can”

5.                  Decide “I will”

6.                 Declare “Watch me do it”


For we are more than conquerors through him that loved us (Romans 8:37) and we can do all things through him that strengthens us (Philippians 4:13).

We must learn to cultivate good seeds in our minds and to go deeper into the realm of the spirit, for the mind is a garden and our thoughts are the seeds. We can either grow food (edification and encouragement), flowers (fruit/fragrance of joy and peace), or weeds (discouragement and discontentment) in it.

We can either learn lessons from the prophets of old and access the blessings of Yahweh or sink into an unrecoverable state of self-pity and worthlessness.


God’s Masterpieces – 

According to scriptures, the following listed saints of God had certain imperfections, yet they were all counted as “His Reputable Masterpieces” (Ephesians 2:10).

1.  Jacob was a cheater and a conniver. He connived with his mother to scheme his brother out of his blessings. Yet he was visited by the angel of the Lord, with whom he wrestled until daybreak with the longing to know the angel’s name. Subsequently, before dawn, the angel desirous of being released from the hold of Jacob changed Jacob’s name to “Israel”. Jacob – He who grabs the heel became Israel – Angel (Messenger) of God.

2.  Noah was a man who preached righteousness for 120 years. Yet after being saved from the Great Deluge, decided to consume so much wine that it caused him to lay in a drunken stupor, exposing his nakedness to his children. As a result, he had to curse one of his own offspring.

3.  Gideon had a great sense of insecurity, yet Yahweh saw him as a “Mighty man of Valor”

4.  Thomas, a chosen disciple of Yeshua had a doubting spirit.

5.  Martha, a beloved of Yeshua full of culinary skills was a worrier.

6.  Judah, from who was the lineage of Yeshua, prostituted with his daughter- in-law Tamar, who conceived and bore twins, Pharez and Zara

7.   Rahab the Harlot was the mother of Boaz and the great, great, grandmother of King David.

8.   David a man after God’s own heart was an adulterer and a murderer.

9.   Zaccheus a tax collector was a dwarf who climbed a sycamore tree to attract Yeshua’s attention. It     sure did work, because immediately Yeshua was his guest of honor. Salvation did not hesitate to enter his tabernacle.

10.  Jonah in his disobedience refused to follow Yahweh’s instruction yet because of Yahweh’s faithfulness He provided him the guts of a fish to bed him for three days and three nights to save him from drowning.

 These and many more in the scriptures, experienced the benefits of launching out into the deep, which shows that Yahweh does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called.


Our Obedience Keeps Us Anchored in Yeshua’s Love –

Our obedience to do the Lord’s will, will qualify us his protection, our allegiance to him will prove our love for him when we decide to pursue the deeper things that concern him. It takes the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to strengthen our inner man, so Christ can dwell in our hearts by faith, allowing us to be rooted and grounded in his love. With this indwelling power we will understand with other believers the arithmetical calculations of Yeshua’s love which passes all understanding (Ephesians 3:16-19).

1.                  Deuteronomy 6:5 – We must love him above all means

2.                  Numbers 6:26 – He will show us favor and give us his peace

3.                  Lamentations 3:23 – Great is His faithful towards us

4.                  Psalm 28:7 – Our hearts will leap for joy as we give thanks unto him with songs

5.                  Psalm 23:6 - His goodness and mercy will pursue us all the days of our lives

6.                  1 Timothy 6:11 – It must be our intent to pursue a godly life with faith, love, perseverance and gentleness

7.                  Revelation 14:12 – We must stand with patience keeping his commandments and the faith of Yeshua


As Yahweh’s masterpieces, we must remember:

1.                  We are important to him (1 Peter 2:9)

2.                  We are protected by him (Psalms 121)

3.                  We are unique to him (Exodus 19:5)

4.                  We are forgiven by him (Psalm 103:12)

5.                  We are a new creation in him (1 Corinthians 5:17)

6.                  We are created for a purpose (Jeremiah 29:11)

7.                  We are victorious in him (1 John 5:3-5)


Recommendations for Adventurous Believers…

1.                  Always believe in you, keep the faith and follow your vision

2.                  Listen to your heart and trust your inner feelings

3.                  Do not limit yourself, see your strength and know you can do all things through him who strengthens you

4.                  Dream it, dare it, do not give up on it and if it feels wrong do not do it

5.                  Never speak badly about yourself, be kind to yourself

6.                  Stay away from drama and negativity at all times

7.                  Watch your words, they become thoughts

8.                  Watch your thoughts they become actions

9.                  Watch your actions they become habits

10.               Watch  your habits they become characters

11.               Watch your characters they become destiny


June Morton (Maison)


Updated January   -  2017